Monday 28 May 2012

Serius FOA - I Just Need To Get This Out Of My System

FOA Masuk kejap

Many people asked me why the sudden diluge of political themed entries on Blogserius lately. The answer lies in the simple matter of how I first started in the blogging world. Many a moons and many a Uranus ago I was know as the writer of the very political blog FOA. I know most of you never actually read anything I have written there because it was too political and was largely in English. I stopped writing there because

a) Writing a political blog is not good for my anger management issue. The more I write the more I found myself wishing that I could get my hands on a thermonuclear device so I can end the world right there and then. To be honest I think humankind and it's civilisation is overrated. The end of the world as we know it is not really a bad thing in the grander scheme of things

b) Not many people wanted to read what I have written. I can't blame you guys because even I am aware of the grievous amount of typos and grammatical error that peppered all the written pieces

c) A small not so famous case involving me punking Raja Petra Kamarudin and subsequent visits to Bukit Aman put paid to my political writing career. I guess I don't have the testicular fortitude to write any more controversial pieces of FOA

d) I found love and got married. I need something that could pay the bills and if FOA can't provide the means to make ends meet then It must be put into a hibernative state while I pumped as many human hours on Blogserius

To be honest I missed FOA. I really do. A couple of months ago I was actually compiling a BLOOK for Freedom of Association. I even took down old entries I wrote on FOA just so that the only way you could read those "awesome" entries would be on the book. The blook project is currently on hyperspace stasis. Why you asked? Because I just can't find the time to select which entries should be published and then correcting all those wonderful grammatical errors. Seriously I would love to publish FOA The Blook but at the end of the day I still believe that no one in their right mind would want to buy a book that was based on a blog. Why pay when you can read it for free on the interwebs right?

Lately I feel obligated to write again in English. This is due to the fact that I think ever since I stopped writing in FOA the quality of my English is getting worse. I can no longer put ideas into proper words. I find this depressing because as an English educated public school boy the inability to write in English is akin to a grown men suffering from erectile dysfunction. I feel like I am no less of a man then I was a couple of years ago. Unlike men with erectile dysfunction there are currently no pills on sale to remedy my disease. Like an injured US Marine veteran I have to write in English when possible. This is as close as one can get to language rehabilitation.

Some might scoff at the idea of me being TOO political here in Blogserius. Problem is I started as a political blogger and that is part of my identity. I still get interviews from newspapers on political and current issues but since I no longer cover them on my blog, lately I do feel like a fraud when commentating about them. Like a couple of months ago I was interviewed by The Sun about the New Evidence act. Since I no longer keep tabs on Malaysian news and what not I can't really answer the question posed to me by the reporter. That was a very embarrassing situation for me.

So readers just bare with the political content for a while. I just need to get it out of my system. If you dont like what you are reading you are welcomed to get your daily fix on other blogs. I just need to do this for the sake of my sanity and self worth. Blogserius been good to me but if i treat Freedom of Association like a retarded adopted son what does that tell you about me as a person? FOA must live in some form or another and writing political shit here is the only way I know to keep it alive.


  1. write. and some fucker will read it.

    1. Obe nak cari duit untuk suap bini rupanya..
      Joinlah UMNO ye Obe, macam AC Mang.

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  3. I second what Bro Acat said,i started to follow you because of FOA,not blogserius,and im one of those fuckers who love to read the shit you write in FOA,i like it when i have to think :)

    Do write,im luck an addict who didnt get his shot for a very loooong time.

    twitter @PittKF

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    1. kau nak tulis apa ni haa 2x delete nokhaarooooommmm

    2. ikan bilis baru nak lajar nulis ker???

    3. aku tulis 'fuck u' korg nak amik lah..enjoy

  5. Always enjoyed reading FOA. U should write here at least once a month for the sake of your sanity

  6. update pun dah kurang..takpe la..ko buat ape pon orang tetap baca.

  7. dude, i started reading FOA since 2009 and i adore the way you convey your ideas in that blog.

    because sometimes, its good to have someone to view controversial issues from alternative perspectives liao.

  8. I think it's not that you are paying less attention in politics. You are always political, in fact our topic of conversations always revolve around it (apart of religion, war & history). Being single back then - I can see where do you direct your frustrations of your surroundings into your writing. But now that since you are now settled down your attention has somehow shifted to sthg else. Not that you abandon your interest in politics, you just get re-directed to sthg else. I think you came to a period of missing things where you could express yourself well -- which there's nothing wrong about it, being political IS you. (which i too, do face some kind of such remorse sometimes. Remember me saying "oh how do i miss literature" & "oh i wish to retake those french classes so that i could put my dusty french into practice" ?). Nothing wrong to revisit what you like from time to time, it makes you, you. So those dosage of politics you wanna put in here, i say do it. If ppl cant stand it theres a lot of of blogs out there that are non-political & crappy enough for them to digest. Nevertheless do bear in mind somehow things have change a lot these days (compared to couple of years back) & not all of the ppl might share your sentiments in politics. My two cents :)

    xLovex - minmin

    1. SAYE SOKOOOOOONNGGGGGGGGG!!!!!! panjang lebor pandangan pn min....hmmm btol gak tu. ko kne gak post kt foa skali sekala. just set yur compass to the right direction bro....hehehe

  9. aiyaaaa...obie wan kenobi, tak payah justify why u wanna revive balik foa contents la. i was so dissapointed when u neglected foa and paid more attention here. felt like u sold out ala ala beckham. so pls, no more whiny justifications for doing what you love to do. go go bace the news of late, there is lots to comment, looking fwd to some sharp analysis ya! ;)

  10. There is always so much more to comment in FOA. You can just write any craps and rants you want here and keep your earning at Blogserius.

  11. FOA is better than blogserius. Truth is, reading blogserius is like reading an encyclopaedia. Plus, you just compile it, and add a few fancy header and "in b4".

    FOA is the shit. Perspective thinking, it was awesome. You stop bothering about us your FOA readers since that freaking bird they call Twitter. I saw it, I noticed it.

    So please...?

  12. 1st entry i read about FOA is housemate dari nurakah (it was not a recent post) which i found when i google about weird..then i continue reading the other older and newer entries (i have to catch up on the posts)..and it took me a few days to finish everything.. u see..i hate reading..but for me to hv read all those shits u posted in FOA..must meant something is good strong and good luck..sorry bad engrish..

  13. Aku kesian sebab tulisan2 ko ada yang terpaksa bawa ko ke Bukit Aman.

    Apapun Obe, sampai satu ketika ko akan terpaksa balik ke conviction ko yang asal.

    Aku tak rasa yang kehadiran seseorang dalam hidup tu boleh mengubah segala-galanya. Kalau penulisan ko di FOA tu memang betul2 atas komitmen peribadi ko, bukannya atas desakan orang lain, aku rasa ko akan kembali berkongsi perkara2 yang penting bagi ko.

    Cuma, aku harap ko tak terus kecewa dengan jenis pembaca atau kurangnya pembaca di FOA.

    Aku ambil kesempatan untuk sentuh isu bahasa. Sampai satu tahap, Malaysia akan perlukan satu Bahasa yang boleh mencakup seluas mungkin rakyatnya tidak kira status sosio-ekonomi seseorang.

    Kalau ko memang kelahiran universiti dari UK umpamanya, ko mesti faham betapa pentingnya medium bahasa sebagai perantaraan. Wujudnya pelbagai bahasa untuk fungsi dan kelas masyarakat tertentu tak mungkin boleh membentuk masyarakat yang kuat, jauh kalau nak bina tamadun yang disegani orang dan dibangga oleh ahli2nya sendiri.

    Jadi, harap2 ko boleh perjuangkan bahasa yang sepatutnya sebagai medium perkongsian isu2 berat.

    Dah kalau bahasa Melayu digunakan untuk perbincangan idea2 remeh, remeh jugaklah pemikiran orang2 Melayu.

  14. aku membesar ngan FOA..bleh dak lagu tu???

  15. Seriously, aku tahu dan ikut perkembangan FOA before tahu kewujudan blogserius.. What to do masyarakat Malaysia refer pembacaan ringan lebih dari yang seriously serious. Tapi disebabkan saham blogserius dah naik then tanamkan idealogi politik tu kat sini secara x langsung cam trilogi buku The Hunger Game yang memberi idealogi politik bertemakan buku bacaan ringan

  16. Been following your blogs ever since I found a link of how you punk'd RPK somewhere in cyberspace. No worries bruv, Tun Dr M had a blook called 'Blogging To Unblock'. I'm sure people are willing to get yours as well.

  17. as some might say or one of facebook core principle "done is better than perfect"

    -get back writing in english even though irregularly.
    -get your blook or what ever that shit is done.

    i would love to get one copy & put on ma bookshelf.

    keep em typo's & i could say to my future child "this bastard author is your dad friend" hahahah

    it had been years & too serious for me to comment on your blog entries brah but cant resist to blurt one here!

    just be yourself lah effi...

  18. just fucking do it. don't think about it, just do it. i started reading blogserius from FOA. satu bende je yang aku bleh kate, since u left FOA, ko da jd too soft on certain things. aku lebih suke ko punye cara penulisan terdahulu. kasar, harsh, ganas, tak bertapis and mcm2 lagi perkataan lain. it make me think twice about the world we live in. dan kate2 ko mengenai not writing in english for a long period of time made u like a bleeding imbecile stuttering to speak in english is damn rite. bende yang sama berlaku pada aku. especially when i am working as a telemarketer...

    be ur fucking self, and spit it out...

    ps: bukit aman penah panggil ea? story sket psl tu..

  19. seriously..i lagi enjoy FOA dari blogserius..bace FOA mcm rase bace Torah lak..hahahahahah..

  20. Bro,
    Out of topic but still valid for FOA.
    What is the real reason Mahathir put DSAI down.
    Fuck with liwat! You got around the globe sources.

  21. Bro I love your writings. I agreed at most of your opinions and views. And you know what, you are the one who ignites my spirit to read books. A lot of books.

    Before you leave your writing career, I just wanna say thank you.

    And please, keep on writing. If you happened to publish FOA Blook, then I'm sure I am going to get that piece of crap for any values and be a proud motherfucker who owns Obefiend's book of wisdom.

    Thank you again. May God bless you Effi.

  22. I know you because of FOA eons ago when you first started out, maybe when you were thin then. I actually like FOA. Return to FOA, please.



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