Friday 21 October 2011

Serius LOL - Nicki Minaj Cainis Edishen


Di China pun ada Nicki Minaj.............. tak sangka aku negara komunispun terpengaruh dengan lagu sampah dan GAGAfication. There is no hope for mankind!


  1. ini.. ini... ini sungguh unik. #sarcasm

  2. semput aku tengo.

  3. no no no no nooooooooo ..
    bum bum bum bum bum buuummmmm....

    sengau siak.

  4. sophia grace brownlee version stil the best ;-)

  5. sedangkan nicki minaj rap pun aku xpaham, ni kan pulak copycat dia lagi aku xpaham. siak.

  6. watch this, in return!

  7. plagiat je lah yg diaorang tau buat daaa....

  8. fap at the speed of 8.0 times ten to the power of eight meters per second

  9. Everything these days made in china what. Diorg pun nak ada nicki minaj diorg jgk heh

    Bum bu bu bu bum bum bum bum

  10. Aku kagum dgn @anon 19:03 ni. Every post ada komen dia. Rajin kau nak. Tabahlah!

  11. The truth:

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  12. rajin kau nak, tabahlah mengkopipes ye nak.



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