Friday, 21 October 2011

Serius LOL - Kostum Halloween Paling WIN


Lapooran asak Izismile


  1. hahahaha hadoiiii!

    captcha: esses =(idk...)

  2. first aku tgk gambar ni, aku ingatkan perempuan.

  3. mula2 aku mcm kompisu skali tgk betul2 mmg win... hahah

  4. hahhaa... takut nyeeee..... semput aku...

  5. OBEyahudi! OBEyahudi! He's a prick and son of a whore! Hail OBEshittyPIG. He's full of shit as he's not HUMAN, His mother is a bitch, his father is an ANIMAL

  6. The truth:

    -Obefiend or whatever his name is actually not a malay. He's a jew and son of a prostitute.

    -He's not 100% human as his father is actually an ANIMAL. he's the combination of a JEW prostitute and an ANIMAL.

    -Obefiend likes to troll and post stupid stuff as he's the descendant of DAJJAL. That's why he loves seeing people fight each other because of religion.

    -He's not a muslim. He doesn't have any religion, as he worship syaitan just like his father. That's why he loves to post muslim's stuff so that muslim will fight with each other everyday.

    -OBEfuck loves to see people become apostate, therefore he succeeds in his mission to become the highest rank in SYAITAN and DAJJAL worshipers.

    - HE LOVES ANAL and Love to fuck every girl he can find so that a new species which is similar to himself can be established in this world.

    Conclusion: OBEjew, IS A FUCKING BASTARD, therefore beware of his lies and trends as OBEfuckingJEW is A SYAITAN

    1. yang si anon kat atas ni jeles sgt ngan si obe ni apehal???
      tau komen je..taula si obe ni kaye sbb pndai cari duit guna blog, ko plak pndai cari dose ngan kutuk orang..dah tau xsuka obe buat ape ko dtg sini..pastu 2 kutuk2 lak..apehal?? xcukup dose??

  7. haaaaaaaaaaaaaa baru aku ingat!!! perempuan nigga tu pelakon watak sampingan dalam cerita the big c in astro channel 702. nama dia gabourey sidibe.

    penat aku pikir mcm pernah tgk.

  8. well actually, ni pelakon cerita precious,best cerita ni...mariah carey pn berlakon dlm cerita ni, a very sad story...



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