Tuesday 18 December 2012

Serius Cool - Sunsastera : Animasi Menarik Dari Malaysia


Dah nampak semakin matanh animasi Malaysia. Good job guys!

Thanks @amanfirdaus for the link


  1. the idea of the story is great, but I hope the plot is not malay-like simple.

  2. secara totalnya nampak sedikit kemajuan :)

  3. saya sukakannya. saya UNDI !!!
    blh komen mcm ni x?

  4. mcm cedok cerita cloudy with a chance of meatball ja.hehe

  5. pergh..klu animasi ni menjd..aku nk tgk..

  6. ubat kuat lelaki kat tiang letrik

  7. I am part of this sunsastera trailer team. First of all, thanks obefiend for sharing this video and everyone for the kind comments.

    This was an IPCC competition project, which was quite rush for my team, consist only 2 fulltime and 1 partime members (who sacrifice alot of his weekend).

    About the idea of changing weather part, I am aware of the similarity with "Cloudy with a chance of meatball" animation. But no worry, the final script/story which isn't show in this trailer is not similar with "cloudy". And it will have more depth/plot than what you see in this video. it wont be a kampung story and it will feel more like a movie or anime.

    In term of production quality, we also aware of the VO, animation quality is not that great. For sure, we will improve it when this project is green lighted.

  8. hi mclelun.firstly, great work man.I hope there'll be more great animation like this from malaysian anime production. I want to add on the VO,the voices are okay,but if possible the software or apps sound wud be nice if it really sounds like robotic kinda sound.just my opinion.all the best!



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