Friday 16 November 2012

Serius FOA - Serius FOA - The Israel Palestinian Conflict #2

The Bahasa Penjajah Edition: Coz in BM people kinda misunderstood my shit writing

It seems that my foray into writing in Malay was an unmitigated failure. Maybe it is due to my limited grasp of Bahasa. All the things I wrote were misinterpreted as me kissing the Star of David and trampling on the face of dying Palestinian babies.

You know what? I am just going to write in English here so that my word will not be misinterpreted by people who are clearly reading that article while being pissed off (lepas tengok Astro awani dan nampak baby mati mesti emo. Nampak perkataan YAHUDI je menggelegak batin kejap). I guess I started off with the wrong foot when I gave you a short history on the "terror" attacks done in the name of Palestinian freedom. I understand where the anger came from. Hey go ahead. If that article I wrote help you vent out your anger the good on you. At least tak lah balik rumah and start punching the new HDTV when you saw Shimon Perez or Tzipi Livni on the news.

Here is a reason why I started that article with the human rights violation done in the name of Freedom. This is to reinforce the idea that instilling fear and intimidation (through "terrorism") has been going on for decades with negligible contribution to the Palestinian cause. It is in my opinion that hijackings and “terror attacks” did more harm to the cause than increasing the support for freedom. I was merely pointing out that maybe... just maybe after decades of doing the same thing without success we should now change tact and try another way to resolve the issue.

But I was walloped for even suggesting an alternate way of handling this decades old faggotry between the sons of Abraham.

Maybe I should just keep my mouth shut? I am disappointed with the Arabs and Jews equally to be honest. Both of them are not willing to give concessions to the other side when negotiating. I guess my going for the middle ground view came from the fact that I am one eight Arabic and have a Jewish first name. I could not be 100% sympathetic to the Arabic POV nor can I be 100% sympathetic to the Jews POV. While it is true that when two sides are arguing with equal volume the truth does not always lay in the middle, but more often than not people still chose the middle ground anyway.

Jalan Dalam Kasut – Walk in their Shoes - Jangan Salah Faham

This was misinterpreted by some as me saying that we must see this conflict from the POV of the Europeans. I really didn’t mean that. I was asking you to put down your songkok/keffiyeh/turban just for five minutes and see what is the perception of the non Muslim on this situation. As I said in that blog entry, the world opinion is largely non sympathetic towards the Muslim. While they felt sorry for the death of women, children and the elderly they also saw the same atrocities being done by Muslim “terrorists”. If the Jews kept killing the innocent and we did not retaliate like for like, we will have the moral high ground. But we may never get the moral high ground now. Why? An event in New York one sunny September morning will always tilt the balance the other way around.

“Effi you fucking Jew wannabe... that is all Jewish PR you fucking asshole. Why are you being brainwashed by the Rupert Murdoch Jew propaganda. I suggest you go to a Synagogue and kiss the Torah now”

Ha! I know you are going to say that. The Jew propaganda will always pop up like a garden mole when discussing this conflict. True. I agree with you guys on that. The Zionist PR machine is so awesome in creating alternate reality that skew the truth. When you know that they will turn any piece of news in THEIR FAVOUR why give them more fodder to besmirch the Islamic cause? If you fight them with BB Guns and they will claim you shot them with an AK-47. Why not just not stop fighting them bullets for bullet. If no bullets are flying from our side to their side lets see how they want to spin that into a pro Israel news item

“More news in Gaza today as Palestinian staged a non violent sit down outside of the Al Aqsa mosque. The Israel Defence Force fearing for their safety due to these candle carrying Arabs were force to shoot them because those candles produce CO2 that will suffocate their troops”

How will they cut that video footage to show that the peaceful sit down is a security threat? I. At this moment they can just show footage of Hamas's Katyusha rocket firing wildly into Israel territory (it might fell into a river killing no one but they have their “HAMAS aggression” video footage now!) and use it as an excuse to drop a 500 pound bomb into a Palestinian home. This was the crux of my argument against continued armed resistance. It’s a LOSE LOSE situation because you can never get a balance media report on your behalf.

Ok lah. No need to go a few thousand miles to the west for this type of journalistic douchebaggery. We have our own “distorted media reporting” in Malaysia. I am surprised that I didn’t use this as an analogy before. Let’s just say for analogy sake that the BN Government is the Israeli and the Pakatan Rakyat is the Palestinian (I will be ISA-ed soon... LOL). Remember the Batu Burok incident and the Reformasi movement? Remember how they twisted the stories to paint the PR as terrorists and traitors of Malaysia? What did the PR do after being repeatedly demonised in the government controlled media? They change their tactic 180 degrees. No more street demos and not to retaliate to provocation. Even if you are being beaten by the FRU do not fight back and just take it like a man. Do not give them an excuse to find a footage of the PR people fighting back. That video will be repeated to give the impression that PR is indeed violent. Not surprisingly now the government medias are struggling to create propaganda against PR. The same can be applied in Palestine if they try hard enough. BUT they won’t as most of you pointed out in the comment section. I agreed with all your views on the hardheadedness of the Semites.

I am sorry but I have to end this now. I would love to write more but the problem is this is supposed to be a LULZ blog. This kind of discussion if prolonged will just infuriate me. In the long run I cannot write lulz worthy blog entries.Before I go let’s just remember one word COEXIST.

or read this article which I think is more well written than my piece of misinterpereted shit!

p/s: You arrogant ass! You killed us!


  1. Kebenaran pasti tertegak jua..

  2. saya chai israel!!!

  3. Cuba mak ko mati kena bomb israel..... nak ke ko duk kat dataran sambil angkat sepanduk "Peace" and expect America will show symphatise and end the conflict....

    America will never disobey Israel..... coz their constitutions are made by jews......

    Kalau dlm Al-Quran kena prepare sama atau lebih hebat drpd musuh dlm peperangan.....

    You want to believe it or not..... there is a war in Palestine and Palestine will not survive if Mr Sam is behind Mr. Jews.

    The question is where are islamic ummah?? Where is the great Ottoman Empire.... we r now juz like bubbles in the sea.... many but weak....

    Rise for Islam.

  4. Ko ckp sedaplah.jgn lwn ganaslah,buat dgn lembutlah,apalah itulah inilah.geniusnya ko ckp mcmtu.igt lg dgn pmpuan bukan muslim yg mmprthnkn org palestin dulu dibuldozer hidup2?atau kpl bantuan yg membuang senjatanya yg serah diri bulat2 ditembak sukati?satu dunia tahu menda2 nih.ada klip video lg masuk berita sana kesimpulannya ada hasil ker?perang berhenti ker?faking genius lah ko..

  5. 1) this article, i must say is more comprehensible dari yang bahasa melayu tu.

    2) Newton's 3rd law: reaction force is equal in magnitude and opposite in direction. one does not simply balas buah bila dibaling batu.

    3) However, I think Israel and Palestine are violating this rule sbb .. well Israel is more well equipped compared to Palestine in terms of military equipment so the reaction from Israel tends to be disproportionate relative to the amount of damage done by Hamas.

    4) The question now bukan lagi siapa salah, tapi ending the war itself. Killing of innocent civilians from both countries is unjustifiable. But ending the war is not one simple task . UN bisu, US pun. The best we can do is demonstration after demonstration but i shall assume the world is not watching anyway. Ini bukan lagi perang berebut paha ayam macam zaman kecik2 dulu, ini perang berebut negara. Bila treaties dilanggar solution yang tinggal either you win or you die.

  6. Sepanjang berpuluh tahun konflik bukan takder satu masa pernah ambil jalan berlembut. Tapi tak jalan... Cuba fikir dua kumpulan bertelagah, kalau berunding baik2, ada jlan kot... tapi masalahnya undang2 PBB pun diaorang boleh tak patuh...habis tu nak buat macam mana?

  7. Replies
    1. aik, dah jadi anon yg style biskut2 ni. lawak la pulak.

      mencadangkan senang nk melaksanakan tu orang palestin. camner la perasaan anak mati kene bom, mesti ada rasa nak balas dendam jugak la.

    2. Orang cerita pasal keguguran anak pun tuan blog dah revenge tutup komen anonymous. Gebang saja banyak

  8. obe, link given not working.

    IMHO, the palestinians are not that innocent. they also contributed to the long conflict. Allah said that He won't change the fate of a race unless they make the change themselves. so, this is not entirely Jews fault alone. I'm guessing leaders of both parties are hard headed when it comes to compromise each other. perhaps the palestinians prefer to play the victim.

    if they refuse to budge, forget about having peace for palestinians and jews. go on fighting senselessly till end of the world.

    anyway, killing in the name of god is a plague among abrahamic religions. ironically, all of the religions preach peace, justice etc. what a bunch of hypocrites!

    1. how innocent do you want the palestinian to be?? 30 years the world map, there was a country called, please search the world map if u can find any...

      this is not about creating peace between 2 sides...this is about total annihilation where the tyranny do not give a crap about peace, about world opinion, about UN, about what u think is right...

      it is just like the famous verse..."the jews n christians won't be easy unless we (muslims) join them (their religion)"

      as a muslim, we were ask to protect our religion, honor, family, belonging...and by protecting these, we will be granted Syahid...

      So brother, may i ask u a question? have we protect our brothers n sisters (palestinian)??what have we done to protect them??

      Iman won't be completed unless we love our muslim brothers n sisters as we love our own's always easier to talk than be done...we can only speculate, guessing, assume, predict, what those Palestinian are going through...but the one who takes the hit are them...pitty on us, and honestly, I'm ashamed to myself for not doing enough to help them...

      I believe it is our fate as a muslim is at stake here...I afraid in the afterlife god never ask why the Palestinian lost their country, but HE will ask...what have you done to help them??...

  9. good that you disabled anon, or else we are going to see more pointless arguments than on twitter

  10. i believe in non-violent resistance yet i dont have any right whats so ever to judge those who take violent resistance toward their enemy. yes, i can see your rational reasoning there. they maybe need to change the tactic. but mind you, we are not always act rationally. we are human. our emotion might influence our reaction. how do you feel when someone you loved get killed without ever provoking anyone? we are talking about palestinian who face oppression in many form daily. yet they are not strong enough to react "rationally" as what you might expect. i dont want to blame hamas or israel. i just feel sorry for all children, women, and elderly who get killed anywhere in the world by crazy fascist nutjob.

  11. Bagi aku, ni salah the whole Arab community as well as the muslim community. Kita not enough political pressure on Israel and US. The Arab leaders are all puppets. The muslim community is ignorant and immobile in handling even small issues like the killing of Burmese Muslims and the divide inside the Ummah. And the sad thing is, we only know to shout and not act. And whats even sadder is that muslims are ignorant. Lagi suka tgk melodi and artis dari membaca. So apa kita nak buat? Doa, solat and boycott dah dijalankan. What more action can we do??

    My prayers are with you Palestine.

    1. Sebab tu kena boikot produl syarikat yg sokong zionis... Mcm mcD

  12. since late king faisal abd aziz, no one ever have balls to stand up against zionist. they have bargaining power, they have oil, but what did they do? nothing. i do agree with obe, we can't fight fire with fire. but lets put our foot on palestinians for a while and imagine if our whole family got slaughtered. can you keep your emotion and sit quitely?

  13. obefiend weiland, tulis la panjang mane pun. yg penting keimanan kita. wassalam.. :)

  14. Ko nk quote stop fighting them bullets for bullet?nk buat peaceful sit down?imagine segorombolan perompak dtg utk merompak rumah ko.pecahkn pintu rumah ko ambik hrta ko tendang mak ko dan rogol bini ko.ko pula x nk buat apa2.duduk tgk jer sbb konon nk buat peaceful sit down.konon quote x nk bullets flying from ourside.emosi satu hal tp hasilnya?hasilnya.last sekali dorg bunuh family ko dgn ko sekali yg duk lepak dgn peace sign.apa yg ko nk org palestin buat blh mengakibatkn satu penghapusan etnik akan berlaku.and no gives a rats ass about hey kita ada quote moral high ground..yeepiyyy

    1. Analogi ko xboleh pakai sbb perompak tu curi senyap2. dalam kes israel ni satu dunia tgh perhatikan. jadi ap yg berlaku pon akan bg impak terhadap ap yg org fikir tentang israel-palestin war.

    2. eh zul ko rs nabi buat ape?react mcm ko ke??haaa pikir laaa

  15. bullet vs bullet da kompom la palestin akan kalah. jadi lebih baik cuba taktik lain. You can fight fire with fire if you are strong enough.

    1. U stupid fcuk.fikiran ko bengap sama mcm more research next time.

  16. Bila tsunami melanda achec 2004, ramai yang cakap,"ini balasan tuhan ke atas manusia yang melakukan maksiat".

    Vietnam ambil masa 20 tahun (1955-1970) dengan bantuan Soviet dan China untuk hambat US keluar dari negara meraka.

    Palestine? 1967 sampai sekarang. Padahal negara jiran Arab semua ganyang Israel. Semua digoreng jadi falafel.

    Kenapa boleh jadi macam ni? Boleh jadi ini balasan tuhan kepada orang Palestine dan Arab secara umum? Jangankan Palestine, seluruh bumi Arab porak peranda

    1. yeke liga arab membantu? ka diam seribu bahasa?

  17. so you mean to say is that the palestinian should just sitting ducks and let the jews release their forsaken rage upon them and all hell break loose?

    nah, ain't gonna work. they aren't bulletproof anyhow.

    the zionist ain't care was it the HAMAS millitant or the civilians. im pretty sure to those trigger finger jews they are just merely a walking (or running) target practice.

    ko tengah makan shawerma? BANG

    ko tengah main chess? BANG

    ko tengah pegi sekolah? BANG. you end up with a shrapnel through your sternum.

    you got a point when u said we shud the europeans POV, considering all the previous extremist incidents caused by PLO scums all over brings back the horror & black memories..the Munich olympics incidents is one of it..

    but considering the europeans themselves recently started to see that this isn't about them against some extremist anymore. even they started to realize those damn jews aren't making any sense with their trigger happy attitude. mostly the civilians were the casualty. on top of that they have been denied many necessities in their own homeland.

    perhaps the only thing we haven't done yet is to put ourselves in the palestinian's shoes. there isn't any reason to not to do so actually.

    a brainstorming post BTW obe. keep it up.

    and pray for those palestinians while you & i are at it.

    1. kalau takda sapa start anything takdela perang kan duh

  18. this war never end lah...kita masing2 ada pendapat masing2..tak semua artikel kita baca sama semuanya..kalau sama tak semua faham apa yg dibacanya.. dalam comment2 aku baca dari FOA 1 & FOA 2 ni.. semua tegur cara mcm nak bergaduh....

    cuba bayangkan..kat sini pon kite berkelahi satu sama lain sbb pendapat berbeza..mcm mana kite nak bersatu menolong org di palestine? apa aku boleh cakap..kite sesama saudara islam.. kite pi masjid buat solat hajat ramai2..agar semua ni akan berakhir dgn cara baik.. :)

    1. spot on bro. forget about helping palestine. sesama sendiri pun x bersatu nak tolong bangsa lain.

  19. there are no such thing as coexist when talking about israel palestine issues bro..

    apa ko nak coexist ke dgn orng yg ceroboh rumah kau, tanah kau pastu ko cuba halau tp xberdaya sebab dia lagi kuat..boleh kau coexist sama2 duk situ makan situ..mana maruah kau??

    isu ini selesai dengan cara israel kluar dr tanah palestin or palestinien die trying to force them get out of their land..finnis

  20. if you want world to be a better place, look into the mirror

  21. fuck u..obe bajet genius, bajet suka membaca

  22. Sejujurnya pandangan ini adalah tidak adil untuk menjustifikasi HAMAS dalam perkara ini yang OBE kata "Look on other opposition shoes".

    Orang Palestin berada dalam keadaan yang paling sangat tersepit. Yang mana tersepitnya mereka sehingga mereka boleh bertindak sedemikian rupa yang pada pandangan kita, ia seperti "fire with fire" kepada penduduk awam. Yang mana kita nampak "menggunakan manusia sebagai tembok" atau mereka "have no moral ground" dengan apa yang mereka juga telah lakukan dalam 30 tahun ini. Come on lah, Israel buat lebih lama dan lebih banyak sebelum HAMAS boleh wujud dan bertindak sebegitu.

    Tapi bayangkan, anda ada negara seluas Malaysia pada 1930, namun akibat Thailand merampas tanah, membunuh rakyat Malaysia, membersihkan tanah Malaysia daripada rakyat Malaysia sehingga kawasan kamu yang boleh digunakan sebagai negara dan sempadan Malaysia untuk rakyat Malaysia hanya sebesar Perlis je, dengan Indonesia di selatan dan timur, filipina dan kemboja di utara yang ramai Melayu atau 'Islam' menolak untuk membantu rakyat Malaysia di Perlis untuk dapatkan Malaysia balik bahkan turut menyekat dan mengepung kita, adakah kita tidak akan bertindak seperti orang Palestin itu. Bayangkan, Thailand itu, rakyatnya 60% menjadi tentera yang menindas Malaysia sehingga sedemikian rupa, dan yang tidak menjadi tentera pun turut menyokong idea Thailand itu, adakah kita tidak akan melawan. Senjata cuma Ak-47 dan roket sedikit, dan mereka telah membunuh ramai rakyat kita sebelum ini, adakah kita tidak akan bertindak balas seperti itu setelah ditambah tekanan sedemikian rupa. Dengan keluasan Perlis, bagaimana hendak membina kem atau pejabat tentera agar terpisah daripada khalayak rakyat awam kalau ruang pun sudah tiada. Kalau bertumpu pada Pulau Langkawi sahaja kem dan pejabat organisasi pertahanan kita, tidakkah mudah musuh menghabiskan kita dengan sekali harung, dengan pertahanan kita cuma rifel dan roket. Macam itulah Palestin. I dont think PR and BN fight is a good analogy.

    Dan kamu kata, "While it is true that when two sides are arguing with equal volume the truth does not always lay in the middle, but more often than not people still chose the middle ground anyway."

    Kalau kata non-muslim punya pemikiran sebegini setelah hasil kajian OBE, aku rasa kamu pun gagal untuk mengkaji apa fikiran mereka. Dan non-muslim pun rasanya lebih dalam lagi kajian mereka untuk mereka berfikir.

    1. syukur.. ada gak org berfikiran cam ko :)

    2. Alhamdulillah ada juga hamba ALLAH yg bijak mcm ko ni Ariff:-)
      Dlm kes Palestin ni, even suicide bomber pun hukumnya wajib dan syahid.
      Ketakutan civilian israel terhadap serangan hamas akn membuat mereka mendesak kerajaan israel utk perjanjian damai.

      Desakan dari civilian israel sendiri shj akn menakutkan pemerintah mereka.
      Do more research la Obe.

    3. so, its ok and encouraged for a muslim to strap him/herself with bomb and detonate it among people?

      are you sure his/ her death is syahid? did you get a personal message from God saying suicide bombers will be in heaven? perhaps you could help them as one of the suicide bombers bro. a sure way to heaven huh?

      no wonder muslims being labelled terrorists.

  23. The point is that Palestinian must show the world that they are the victim in this conflict and then world will give them the attention they needed so badly. The US may be supporting Israel now, but there are plenty other western country that will back up the Palestinian if all they see on news is Palestinians getting murdered by the Israeli soldiers. And sooner or later, the US will be pressured into changing their foreign policy.

    As the old Chinese proverb say, a little impatience could spoil the greater plan. The greater plan here is to end the conflict itself.

    Sure, someone's family member may get murdered now, and it sure feels good to retaliate with an IED now, but if this goes on, Israel will only have more excuse to commit war crime against the Palestinian. Better to swallow it now, however painful it may be, to prevent more family members getting killed in the future.

    1. Approximately 1.5 million Palestinian civilians have been killed since 1948,including the victims of the ethnic cleansing campaigns in the west in 1948-50 and in the east since 1967. Civilian deaths have escalated dramatically in recent years since the zionists developed their obsession with the Palestinian birth-rate,and children are often the target. There is only a small fine for killing a Palestinian in cold blood. It's based on a weapons charge,not murder. To understand the genocidal character of this vile regime,one need only glance at the responses from zionists; at least half advocate or at least imply approval of the killing of non-jews. Adocating genocide is by the way a reportable offence on Y/A. Aproximately 2000 civilian Palestinians are killed each year. If you are jewish and you shoot an 8-year-old Palestinian girl in cold blood,you will have your weapons license revoked for three months and pay a fine equivalent to 50-100 dollars U.S. It's considered by the "government'"to be more or less the same thing as shooting squirrals within city limits with a .22. would be in America. Zionists love to murder Palestinian children and they do it all the time. The military handles the mass-murders. We are not talking about suicide bombers or militants; those figures fall into another category. I am referring to wanton killing of civilians.

      Pappe,Itan. "The Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine" (Oxford,2003).
      Amnesty Internation Annual Report (years 2000-2007).
      Hass,Amira. "Drinking the Waters at Gaza" (1996).


      The Israel never cares what other think bro... they can just hide and ignore all the facts..

      And if we're not willing to help the Palestinians,at least,STOP JUSTIFYING all actions taken by the palestinians to retaliate all aggressions made by the israelis..

      And that's the very least thing you can do, as a Malaysian..

    2. Just remember, everytime you want to present these facts to the western media, they will tell you "Hamas is a terrorist group", "Israel has the right to defend itself" and they'll probably show you some newsreel of Hamas firing rocket into Israel.

      And these give them all the excuse they want to do whatever they want. So, the best we can do now is to dissociate Palestinian from Hamas. We need to make the westerner realize Palestinian is not a supporter of Hamas, and Palestinian will never retaliate through a terrorist group. Then, the Israeli will run out of excuse.

      Sometimes the best move is no move at all. And this is one of those time. Gandhi's hunger strike worked even if his opponent is the mighty British empire, Palestinian should try this method too.

    3. haha..funny. do research please..
      u can search, the arrival, illuminati,or the promise land...why ISRAEL really want to conquer that place.

    4. I'm sure you don't even know the history behind the Israel occupation and HAMAS right?

      FYI before Hamas was even formed, the palestinians had ALREADY DO NOTHING to retaliate the occupation of Zionist army...

      But in the same time more and more Palestinians were killed and houses were destroyed.

      And before palestinian people chose HAMAS in their political election,they had tried for number of times to settle a peace agreement with ISrael through other political party such as Fattah.

      BUT nothing worked out since, the Israel will never abide by the peace agreement.

      For Palestinian,Fighting back is the only way to retaliate and get back their land. Cause Israel will never stop and abide the law.

  24. put yourself in their shoe.terpenjara di negara sendii..bantuan makanan disekat, ubat2an tiada..setiap pagi mereka tidak tahu sama ada ape yg dilihat mereka tanah atau sinar matahari..

  25. 1. I don’t know whether it has been reported in Malaysian papers but the Israelis bombed an arms factory in Khartoum two weeks ago. This outrageous act is an example of Israeli disregard for international laws.

    2.There is no war declared between Sudan and Israel. But that does not prevent Israel from bombing Sudan. As with the bombings of the Egyptian Airbase, Iraqi nuclear facilities, again without war being declared Israel feels entitled to bomb other countries in the pursuit of its own security. That the very real possibility of being bombed by Israel creates insecurity for other countries did not matter. Only Israeli security counts.

    3.Israel alleges that arms were being supplied to the Palestinian, probably from Sudan. Whether that is true or not the fact remains that Israel itself is being supplied with all kinds of sophisticated weapons by the United States and Europe to be used as Israel thinks fit. Israel’s receipt of arms from foreign countries for its already powerful military forces is legitimate but the Palestinians may not receive arms to defend themselves so that the balance of terror must always be with Israel.

    4.It even has nuclear weapons. Israeli military power obviously creates insecurity and terrifies the Arab countries. This is especially so as Israel has no compunction regarding bombing its neighbours at any time.

    5.To ensure Israeli security, the powers that be allows Israel to break all international laws and norms of behaviour. Israeli navy illegally blockades Gaza, attacking relief ships in international waters and killing relief workers. An Israeli tractor deliberately ran over an American girl because she tried to stop the destruction of a Palestinian house. Israeli forces regularly fire rockets at Palestinians, Israel builds settlements on Palestinian land and erect high walls through Palestinian villages so as to cut off communications between Palestinian families.

    6.Never in the history of nations has there been such a country as Israel. It disregards laws and its courts uphold criminal acts by its soldiers. It indulges in aggression and pre-emptive strikes without justification.

  26. This comment has been removed by the author.

  27. 7.The world has to put up with Israeli lawlessness because it controls the most powerful nation in the world. Every candidate for Presidency or Congress must first declare support for Israel or lose their election.

    8.It is as if criminals control and direct the police. There can be no security for people when the police take orders and sides with the criminals.

    9.Modern civilisation is a mockery when a state such as Israel can do just what it likes against other countries. But then its minions do the same. They think nothing of assassinating people residing in other countries. They disposed off the bodies of their victims any way they like.

    10.While mouthing pious words about freedom and the rule of law they apply sanctions against countries without approval of the United Nations. They believe they are justified in killing 500,000 children through sanctions in the pursuit of their Israel-inspired international policy.

    11.When they apply sanctions against a country they force other countries to do the same. Failure to do so would be followed by threats to destroy the country’s economy and finances.

    12. About any scientific discovery would be applied towards developing ever more fiendish weapons. The latest is based on the advances in remote controls. UAV or Unmanned Aerial Vehicles are used for assassination of individuals, bombing villages and spying.

  28. 13.Their marines are dropped into foreign countries to carry out attacks and assassinations. Leaders of unfriendly countries would be killed through contrived accidents.

    14. We are really living in a lawless world, a primitive world. It is almost as if barbarians are again at the door. Only this time the barbarians are more powerful because they are well educated.

    15. Despite all the praise for modern civilization and the accompanying humanitarianism and human rights, we are not free to do what we like. We can only do what is advocated by the powerful. If they don’t invade us they would still finance more or less openly to put their candidates in power. They make no effort to hide the desire to achieve regime change so as to have only submissive leaders in place.

    16. The law of the jungle govern us now – the law by which the strong will take what they will and the weak will surrender what they must.

    17. At the center of this collapse of human civilization is Israel, the Frankenstein monster state created by the West which they must now obey unquestioningly.

    18. Unfortunately there is no way for us to return to civilization, to feel secure, to be free of political and economic oppression. This is because there is no one willing or capable of challenging the bully, the most powerful but least humane nation in the world.

    (This article originally appeared in the New Sunday Times, Nov 11, 2012)


  30. Who lived there first is not the issue. Before Zionism Jews & Arabs lived together quite well & it's the fault of British Gov for creating Zionism and the US gov for letting it continue. People can't take homes from people & expect them just to take it so of course Arabs/Palestins going to fight back.

  31. Hmm, sepatutnya korang bersyukur dpt hidup aman..

  32. I just don't get you OBE... *disappointed*
    Should we just stand still? and wait for Peace?
    They just hate muslims. and from the very beginning all they ever want is to bury Muslims regardless you're Palestinian or you're not.

  33. eerrr

    pop corn aku dah habis..sape ade lagi pop corn? meh bagi aku sket

  34. Israel nak tanah, bukan pasal agama. Orang Palastine bukan Islam pun kena juga. Cuba baca Tamadun Islam dan sejarah Palastine. Pahlawan Islam Salahuddin AlAyubi juga telah berkata bahawa sesiapa yang dapat menguasai Tanah Palastine akan dapat menguasai bumi. Dan Obe harus baca sejarah, tanah palastine sekarang ti ggal 10%, sama seperti yang terjadi keatas Selangor sekarang. Tanah Orang Melayu makin kurang di Selangor. Bezanya ialah di Palastine israel membunuh dan di Selangor mereka menggunakan kuasa politik dan ekonomi. Palastine mebelas satu peluru senapang, tapi Israel akan bantai balik dengan bom, Palastine di bunuh sewenang-wenangnya, bila balas balik, Israel akan hancurkan sekampung. Obe kena fikir dalam lagi.

    Nota:- aku dah belajar dan tinggal di USA hampir 12 tahun, tapi masih boleh berbahasa Melayu dengan baik. Kucing=neko.

    1. Seperti yang anda kata, orang Palestine hanya ada AK47 dan RPG-7, tapi Israel ada pelbagai jenis bomb yang canggih dan boleh bunuh kamu dari jarak sejauh 1000km, adakah wajar Palestinian melawan IDF menggunakan senjata? Sudah tentu orang Palestine akan kalah.

      Oleh itu, tibalah masanya untuk orang Palestine tukar taktik mereka. You can't beat them the hard way, so beat them in their game, which in these case is politicking. It's the only way you can win.

    2. Sape kate palestine akan kalah.. you know nothing.

  35. Palestin jadi begini atas dosa2 yg lalu? atas kebodohan mereka dalam berjuang? jadi perlu tukar tektik perjuangan? jadi lebih bijak?

    muslim yg sgt suka buat maksiat, rasuah, jika lemas dalam laut. Saudara Islamnya wajib bantu, wajib simpati.

    fikir apa nak dijawab akhirat nanti.

    artikel2 obe ni memang bijak. tapi kurang iman dalamnya.. sebab tu takpayah lah marah kalau org tak dpt terima.

    takdir, apa yg berlaku.. kita tak boleh tafsir guna logik akal je obe.. dan, mereka lebih kenal israel+yahudi, nasara lebih dari kita yg dok senang lenang ni haa..

  36. Watch the news recently? I do believe that you spoke to soon Obe. "fear and intimidation" might just work. Eventually people come to understand that killing non combatants aren't the way of any religion. People learned to exclude terrorism from any religion. All they see is the oppression done by the Zionist. Boo~ I always hated FOA here in my lulz ground. FOA for the lulz? You should get a mental check.

  37. ini 1st time aku xsetuju ngn ko. cybe tgk berita mlm td, ko trlalu awal meletakkn diri dlm kasut org US. even penddk US malu ngn isu ini. OBE2 cube pahamkn dlu mengapa tuhan bebrapa kali dh igtkn bahaya yahudi ni, xkn tanpa bersebab.klu lawan ngn senjata pn dpt heavy price, n peace pun heavy price.diorg xkn stop selagi xdpt "tanah janji" tu

  38. "Why not just not stop fighting them bullets for bullet. If no bullets are flying from our side to their side lets see how they want to spin that into a pro Israel news item"

    I think you forgot the Gaza flotilla 2010 incident. See how the media (controlled by the Jewish) spin the story (see here They claimed the commandos used only paintball rifle during the 1st raid. Would you believe it?

    And the Palestine-israel issue no longer bout religion. Its about land. I

  39. Wow so many comments here against Obe opinion.

    Well I don't know about who's right and who's wrong
    But the wise thing to do right now is for the Hamas to stop firing rockets to israel, this is because..

    It's like that perpatah melayu you know "Jangan Jolok Sarang Tebuan". Let say if Hamas manage to fire 1 unguided dumb dumb rocket and maybe it will land in the grass field or somebackyards somewhere in Israel. The Israeli will fire back 5 bombs in return to gaza.

    Now that, is not a good bargain Isn't it?

    1. ini dah tak main jolok sarang dah tebuan datang buat kacau...

      aku sure, ko & obe's fans adalah orang2 yg akan lari bersembunyi bila mungkin Malaysia ni diserang USA or Singapore..n menggunakan alasan:
      "It's like that perpatah melayu you know "Jangan Jolok Sarang Tebuan". Let say if MALAYSIA manage to fire 1 unguided dumb dumb rocket and maybe it will land in the grass field or somebackyards somewhere in SINGAPORE. The SINGAPORE/USA will fire back 5 bombs in return to MALAYSIA.
      pui la!!!
      like palestin, mreka carik sesuatu yg lebih bermakna berbanding nyawa mreka sendiri, iaitu JIHAD.

    2. well Carlzen, if you just follow the war recently and read from mainstream media for sure you say Hamas/Palestine is stupid. why fire rocket to Israel. Don't they have any better things to do?. Well, I urge you better read the whole story, I try to understand why they threw bombs at Israel.

      I ask you, what will you do if you neighbour purposely build cross over your land. Sure you fill this is wrong and try to talk to your neighbor. But you neighbor refuse to hear. Then you tried to bring this is issue ketua kampung, still they dont hear you. Then you bring forward this matter to court, still they dont hear you. After years of fighting nobody hear you, definitely you'll get fed up and angry decided to take this matter on you own, you throw stone to your neighbor. You neighbor retaliate back by make a police report, then all of sudden all eyes are on you, cursing you doing crime. How do you feel if you are in this situation?

    3. OK FINE!. Y'all like to shoot rocket. GO ahead hamas. shoot more of your dumb rocket into the israel empty grass field. Lets see if annoying your enemies will help reduce bombing and casualties in the gaza strip.

    4. of coz there're extremist among the muslims who think suicide bombing is going to be Syahid...

      Islam itself do not allow for suicide...yet these extremist think otherwise...but that does not mean the whole Muslims are terrorist by the act of few...

      while i disagree with the method (suicide bombing), it is a fact that, thats all they got...a hand made bomb...if only they got all the weapon technologies,
      let say sniper, homing missile, tanks, air force...i dont think they would go to that extend...they are so cornered (for years) that they are forced to retaliate in a fashion they think might work...suicide bombing

  40. pape pun, aku & sure ramai lagi still follow blog ko..kadang2 kritikan adalah sesuatu yg positif.

    * tapi tak mengapa, mungkin ni baru minggu pertama di maharajalawak mega, so org kata tgh warm up, cuba lagi minggu depan ye..thanks..

  41. Selama ni lawan bullet vs bullet palestin menang ke? Makin ramai orang mati adalah. Sampai bila nak terus mcm ni? Peaceful sit down bukan bermakna menyerah atau pengecut, tapi menyusun strategi baru utk menentang zionis. analogi mcm "cuba ko bayangkan family ko kena bunuh..etc etc.." x valid sbb itu bukan isu keagamaan secara keseluruhannya. apa yg berlaku di palestin adalah satu isu berkaitan dgn bangsa dan keagamaan,kalau bukan kerana tu knp zionis sanggup bazir dana bunuh rakyat,sedangkan yang pegang tampuk pemerintahan Palestin cuma puluhan saja di bangunan kerajaan? Berbalik kpd strategi, terang2 kalau mereka main api dgn api, mereka akan kalah. tapi kalau guna air, api akan padam. Jadi peaceful sit down tu adalah masa untuk cari "air" tersebut.

    Wallahualam..tapi apapun mari sama-sama berdoa agar roh orang2 Islam kat sana ditempatkan dlm kalangan org2 beriman..

    1. sambungan..memang ada rakyat Palestin yg sanggup mati demi jihad. tapi apapun..biarlah jihad dengan perancangan yang rapi agar kematian mereka membawa kemenangan pada Palestin..

  42. now is too late for hamas to fight 'fire with fire'. they just don't have enough strength and capabilities to do that. Maybe this time for once hamas should resort to fight 'fire with water' strategy. Sure water doesn't sound so great but it will makes sure the reduce casualties to the innocent gaza civilians.

    1. Are u muslim.. go back read al quran. If u ar not muslim please shut ur mouth

  43. bakpo la sume kecek omputih ni... ambo ngaji dop tinggi...

  44. lol sian Obe kena bash kaw2..
    I think la kan, FOA should stay inside FOA..
    This kind of article x sesuai dengan mentaliti audience Blogserius..People here are the kind that easily amused to things like "Lelaki mirip Vegeta SSJ4 ditemui di Guar Chempedak" or "Makcik Stephen Chow tumbuh penis di kepala selepas berzina di Great Wall dengan Uncle Tat" but their mind are just too closed to talk about serious matter like this..Not to insult anybody's intelligence but the way I see it, they just couldn't understand a single point u made..the worst part of it, instead of BERBINCANG, they give their argument macam nk BERGADOH

    honestly Blogserius is the sold out version of OhTidak..I remembered back then when people bashing OhTidak for posting too much political stuff..bagi diorang politik is bullshit..instead they enjoy talking about "Wanita menghina Johor kerana tiada Famous-Amos..Ya tuan2..wanita ini bukannya berniat nk melawak..OFFENSE INTENDED!!!"

    On Topic:
    "Habis kalau dah israel bunuh rakyat palestin macam bunuh nyamuk, xkan nk berdiam diri kot? bapuk je pakai cara peace2 ni der.."

    Ans: sape kater kite xyah buat apa2..cumanya bila tentera orang tapau rakyat kita, xyahlah kita g tapau rakyat dorang plak..xyah lah tiba2 nk pegi letupkan diri kt tengah2 jalan (which is full of innocent civilian)..that's not jihad yang islam ajar..klu nk hantar roket hntar la kt kem tentera ke, kt rumah Netanyahu ke..mana tau ada rezeki..

    Oh and aku rasa death Palestinian tinggi sbb rata2 yang nk berjihad suma pikir nk mati syahid je..Yes mati syahid adalah cara yang paling best untuk mati and straight masuk syurga but that's not the point of jihad..It's a PRIZE not a GOAL..tats why we see 'jihadist' go solo try to take down Tank with stones and lastly got boomed. Aku x rasa dorang pikir pon how to win the fight.

    biar mati kerana berjuang jangan mati kerana nak mati..

    Oh inb4 any of u tuduh aku pro Israel, aku 100% Palestine side..

    p/s: Al-fatihah kepada para pejuang yang syahid..
    p/s/s: damn BI aku berterabur sejak main DotA cakap BI pelat cina mcb dun leaver plis liao ma de host no tunnel..

  45. kpd fuckers yg berckp mcm budak br nk kenal dunia.kita bukan hidup di alam fantasi ada cinderella,snow white,raja permaisuri,pari2,etc.dimana semua org hidup gembira bagai wrna wrni pelangi.kita berckp ttg real life situation skrg.kita berckp ttg hasil iaitu end product.mengikut apa yg u olls ckp so called 'air'@ im guessing pandangan media.cuba baca berita hari ni.hari nih sudah masuk hari kelima genjatan senjata tapi israel masih membedil palestin.dua pusat media antarabangsa termasuklah pejabat stesyen television rusia RT di genting gaza hancur musnah oleh apa natijah dan kesimpulannya?kesimpulannya they dont give a fcuk about ur 'air'.klu ko ambik tanda peace sign kemudian berdiri di tgh2 padang free2 ko kena bomb bcoz dont give a shit.they dont give shit about ur media.they dont give shit about pandangan dunia.they dont give shit about semuanya.klu u olls rasa they do give shit dan itulah jln penyelesaiannya.saya sarankan anda silalah ke sana dgn membawa peace sign.saya sedia jadi jurukameranya.anda jadi heronya..

  46. yup,kita sebenarnya senang bercakap..contohnya macam kes bergaduh KFC tempohari..kita senang menghukum para pekerja KFC itu kerana kita tidak berada ditempat mereka.

    Kita senang bercakap dan mengeluarkan hujah2 yang kononya bijak.

    Tetapi yang mengalaminya siapa?kita?kita berada di tempat mereka?

    Kita tidak berada di dalam situasi mereka,sebab itu kita handal berkata2,Saya ingat..Sekiranya Isteri Obey DIGANGBANG beramai2 dan isteri Obey ditembak dikepala macam cerita Universal Soldier tu..Adakah obey mampu pasrah dan menerima realiti dan ketentuan Tuhan dan mampu membina kehidupan baru tanpa perasaan amarah,geram dan dendam?Saya rasa tak..

    Dalam situasi palestin ini,Kita boleh nampak bagaimana teruk dibulinya palestin oleh Israel..Sekiranya mahukan Keamanan,bukan Masyarakat palestin yang perlu Beralah,mereka totally lemah dari pelbagai segi..Sebaliknya Israel yang perlu beralah kerana mereka yang kuat dan berkuasa..Mungkin Israel perlu Tonton cerita Matrix..bagaimana bangsa Manusia dan Robot berdamai..Tiada siapa kalah dan Menang dalam cerita Matrix..Sekiranya israel mahu beralah sikit macam Robot dalam cerita Matrix tu..Keamanan boleh dicapai.

  47. I think part of you being a famous netizen/blogger/occasional troll is that sometimes people tend to forget that you are not perfect and of course, capable of saying really stupid shit sometimes.

    I'm sure once they get over the fact that you're human, they'll understand.

  48. Jadikan al-quran itu panduan hidup kita.sudah diterangkan apa yg tersirat disebalik kejadian didalamnya.israel akan menjadi kuasa besar di sana.tetapi tnggu.......kebangkitan kegemilangan islam akan menjelma jua.peace be upon our brothers n sisters..

  49. its nothing about winning...kita tahu dalam AL QURAN dah kata tanah tu akan jadi milik YAHUDI.
    & jangan sesekali kata orang palestin or Hamas bodoh & tak fikir macam mane nak menang perang. dah berpuluh tahun mereka dalam situasi tersebut dan mereka sure tahu mereka takkan menang perang tu coz ISRAEL+USA+EUROPE+PAK ARAB..
    ni bukan main RED ALERT then ko tahu mana lokasi semua pangkalan tentera israel, u know how to win that game.
    (kalau main RED ALERT, pakai Jepun memang jenuh la nak menang lwn Soviet & US)..
    ni tentang fight, fight, & fight.

  50. ObE ni blogger gila (as if opinion from middle ground)...bunyi macam educated-tulis guna english-bombastic words, kiranya nak tuan kamu (freemason)recognize ye, poket pun semakin tebal-USD... kutip satu isu sensitif, timbulkan spekulasi berbaur intelligent (sumber kutip dari hotak penjajah), supaya orang2 bodoh percaya BANGKAI yang kamu jaja adalah suatu fakta...sebijik macam soros-livni-& master kamu (dajjal)... muka melayu, hati yahudi...



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