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Serius FOA - Adolf Hitler Berjaya Muslim Akan Gembira? : Why This is Bullshit!

Bangang punya MELEIS!

Was reading twitter today when I saw this tweet by my old friend @Witherthorne

I think it is about time I REPOSTED yet another one of my OLD writings from Freedom of Association. Why MUST you read this? To dispel the MYTH that kalau NAZI menang perang dunia ke dua dulu kita tidak akan ada masalah ISRAEL. Apa yang mungkin anda tidak tahu ialah selepas pemusnahan ETNIK Yahudi Hitler sudah ada rancangan menyerang tanah Arab dan menghapuskan ETNIK Arab pula.

Yes kids..... that Swell Ole Adolf had plans to conquer the Middle East and then wipe the Arabs from the face of the earth just like he did to the jew. PLEASE READ. 

Original article was posted in  FOA back in October 2010

The truth about Hitler's "Islamic tendencies"

Last week a gutless,balless and definitely penisless Anon posted a link on my talk cock box. Following the link I came upon a Faecbook entry about Hitler supposedly pro-Islamic views . The blog entry then implores Muslims to start seeing Hitler as not the villain as we know him today, but as a hero to be admired. The author who is allegedly an Arab, gave four reason why Hitler is one of the good guys. I was immediately appalled by this revisionist bullshit. How can you whitewash the crimes committed by a man who killed over 6 million people between 1939-1945? The answer is you can’t. Let me tell you the story of Adolph and at the same time debunking the “apologist” views of this unnamed Arab writer

Due to the TL:DR nature of this topic I will only tackle 3 of the major points. Let's begin.


So what if he took some verses from the Koran in his speeches? In Malaysia we have Muslim politician using verses from the Koran to gain political mileage. The most overused Koranic verse used by our politicians is from Surah Yasin

“Kun fayakun”

Fuck me! Can you guys please use a different verse? Ok I knowlah the only part of the Koran that you know how to read is probably only THE YASSIN (mengaku la der.. gua pun baca Yasin je. Takyahlah munafik sangat claim A'lim) . But that does not mean you can recycle this verse over 9000 times per year. Hitler might have quoted a different verse, but the reason of using them in his speeches was the same. It was to pander to the fools whose opinions were easily manipulated . The sad reality is in politics nothing is sacred. You can use and abuse religion to further your political agenda. Mahathir and his goons love quoting the Koran to condemn Anwar’s alleged buttfucking habits. The dumb religious conservatives in Malaysia predictably swallowed the propaganda hook, line and sinker.

“Mahadeath ambil contoh dari cerita nabi Luth.. mesti betul ni! Takkan pemimpin Islam berani main-mainkan cerita dari Al Quran!”

Last week if you guys can remember I wrote about Peter Popoff who used verses from the Bible to sell his bullshit miracle cures. In Malaysia we have Ustaz Putar Alam pulling the same scam using the Holy Koran.

Now let me ask you an honest question ladies and gentlefaggots. Would you forgive Popoff and Ustaz Putar Alam because they quoted verses from their respective holy books? I have a feeling most of you would crucify them rather than forgive their despicable act. The act of duping thousands of desperately sick people (most of it terminal) of their hard earned money is simply unforgivable. Hitler in the other hand killed millions and if you can’t forgive Popoff and Putar Alam why must you forgive Hitler?


Oh whoopee doo! The great murdering cunt allowed Muslims to pray so he must be respected? Again this is grade A horse shit. What’s the big deal really? George W Bush also allowed Muslim soldiers in the American Army to perform their prayers . I don’t think there is a Muslim who would dare write an article defending Dubya's actions post 911.

How about the Japanese conquerors of Malaya? What did they do when they invaded the peninsula? They retained the Sultan as the Islamic figurehead. The Japanese knew after years of spying that the Malays are very religious people. The Sultan function as the head of Islam must therefor be respected. By retaining the head of Islam, the Malays won’t rise against their new colonial master. This was not done out of reverence towards Islam but out of convenience. Religion is a very useful tool to be used as a control mechanism. You all should read about this.

I suspect Hitler also did his homework. Allowing Muslim Nazis to pray will be good for morale and allowed Hitler to get on their good side. Again this was not out of respect of Islam, it was out of convenience. Hitler was planning to move south and conquer the Middle East after defeating Russia.This was was part of the grand plant of connecting the Third Reich with the Japanese Empire in the east. Hitler also already knew about Arab resentment towards the British rule. We also know that by 1944 Germany was running out of German recruits to sustain an invasion force. By allowing Muslims from the Balkans to join their army, they could solve this problem. Hitler would be a fool for not doing so.

So there you go. He allowed them to pray so he can use them for his own nefarious plans. The Balkan Handschar SS division is nothing more but a pawn to be used by Hitler. Must we respect Hitler for treating Muslims as mere canon fodders?


The Grand Mufti of Jerusalem was a desperate man when he gained an audience with Hitler on the 28th of November 1941. Germany at that time was winning the war with only the British Isle left to be conquered in Europe. Haj Amin Al Husayni was a very interesting fellow. He was the descendant of the Prophet and was very well respected figure in the Arab community. When he was the Grand Mufti he oversaw major restoration of Masjidil Aqsa. As his influence grew he became more political and actively campaigned for Arab independence from the Brits. When the Arabs fought against the Turks and aligned themselves with the allied in World War I, they were promised independence by the British. Brits being the lying fuckers that they are, refuse to fulfil the promise after the war. This along with the Balfour Declaration created huge resentment inside the Arab world.

When Haj Amin saw Britain in the brink of PWNAGE by the Nazis he immediately saw an opportunity. If he aligned himself with the Krauts , they in turn would help the Arabs gain independence and solve the “Jewish problem” in Palestine. Haj Amin was treated like a head of state by the German and Italian government. During his meeting with Hitler, he was also promised the position of “Leader of the Arabs” when the Axis eventually reaches the Middle East. Haj Amin then toured Europe as part of the Nazi propaganda and gave speeches condemning world Jewry. For his troubles he was given a salary by the Axis. In one radio broadcast on March 1944 he famously said;

“Arabs , rise as one man and fight for your sacred right. Kill the Jews wherever you find them. This pleases God, history and religion”

According to most historians, Haj Amin was naive and was used by the Axis as propaganda tool. He believed the VERBAL assurance given by Hitler to help the Arab independence movement. Problem was, Mussolini wanted the Arab Peninsula and North Africa all by himself. Italy already colonised Libya and Il Duce wanted more. There is no way in hell Hitler would fulfil his promises to Haj Amin and deny Mussolini's grand intention. Further still Hitler ranked the Arabs lower than the Jews in his racial hierarchy (Arabs are also Semites in case you forget). Some historians believe that the Arabs would suffer the same consequences as the Poles, Gypsies, Homosexuals, Romanians,Jehovah Witnesses , Masons and Jews if they conquered the Middle East.

At the end of the day Grand Mufti Haj Amin was manipulated by Hitler and became a willing instrument of Nazi propaganda. All the promises given to Haj Amin were merely verbal to appease him. In his desperation to solve the Palestinian problem Haj Amin bet the farm and lost it. After the war ended he was branded as a Nazi Sympathiser.

Hitler actually used Haj Amin to help Mussolini colonise North Africa and Arab Peninsula.


The revisionist Facebook posting is full of outright bullshit. The author saw Hitler action as favourable to Islam without considering Hitler’s ulterior motives. There is no way in hell anyone could defend what Hitler did between 1939 and 1945. The fact that the author used his “Islamic tendencies” as a way to rewrite history is just shameful. Why are there still Muslims obsessed with whitewashing Hitler atrocities? Seeing White Supremacist doing so is already laughable at its own right but when “Brown Neo Nazis” are also doing it, I feel like slapping them with my dick.


Remember these dear readers;

  • Hitler ranked the Arabs lower than the Jews (Arab was given the ranking of 14th below the Jews) – Arabs would also face the Final Solution if Axis won the war
  • Hitler was a Catholic. He had no love for “heretical” Islam
  • Hitler was BFF with Bennito Musolini – He would help Italy invade the Middle East/North Africe not liberate them from the Brits
  • Hitler was a master manipulator and a politician – every word he uttered must not be taken at its face value.

With that I wish you a happy weekend. I will be going to the cinema today to watch Inception.

Sorry for the lateness. I wanted to EDIT this entry since Wednesday but couldn’t find the time. Plus the research part of this article was very exhaustive. Hope you enjoyed it and please leave a comment below.

p/s : We're supposed to be robbin' this place, you dumb fuckin' hebe.



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    1. link ustaz putar alam tu not found la kimak punye obe gemuk pig

    2. melayu bodoh.suka dengaq cerita dongeng tak betoi.patot la kalah dengan yahudi.

  2. Inception.. haha.. after that Obe wroted about meniru umpama mimpi dalam mimpi.. and some idiot trust it.

  3. sbb kekejaman hitler la satu dunia masih bersimpati ngn israel

  4. apa2pun mari kita berdoa untuk kesejahteraan saudara kita di gaza

  5. Lalalalalala....
    Kan dah cakap Obe... never ever quarrel with a narcissist... They only hear themselves...
    But these thing that you put here.. bukan kan dah jadik common knowledge.. and have been debated 78peta times oleh scholars.. academicians and budak budak tadika / taska seluruh entire globe ni...
    Anyway clap for you... Enjoy Inception.. Umpama mimpi di dalam mimpi....

  6. not just meleis i think lots of muslims do think hitler is pro-islam. one can't think another is pro-islam when he killed millions of lives (yes, although the million lives are jewish). when it comes to jew/ palestin/ islam, most muslims stopped using their head. they can believe the most outrageous stories about the 3 topics.

    its useless giving them facts when they refuse to use their brain. they'll believe whatever thats pleasing to them. its like happy endings in hindustan movies; 'take it' away from them and they'll burn the cinema. LOL.

  7. kadang-kadang menarik bila fikir macam mana agaknya kalau Axis menang dan kuasai dunia. aku tak rasa akan kekal tiga kuasa besar dunia, mesti nanti gaduh juga sesama sendiri.

  8. Ape yg obe ckp ade btlnye kdng2, tp obe cukup la berdebat. sebab salah satu pesan dari hasan al-banna, kurangkan berdebat sbb kita akan kerugian masa kerana masa kita suntuk dan sangat berharga.. sekian.

  9. so kau nak cakap anwar lebih hensem dari mahathir ?

  10. Aku rasa rosmah rambut kembang lg hensem kot..wakakaka

  11. ibarat manipulate budak2 laa. bg gula2 je terus dapat no. phone kakak dia yg cun.LOL

  12. Biasa lah obe bajet Pandai, Israel serang Gaza pun Si gemuk nie support. Dan pemilik twitter akaun tu pun memang pandai sampai membodohkan orang. Tengok jelah nanti budak yang dia dukung tu pandai ke tak macam Si obe gemuk nie.

  13. obepig with his own assumptions again. Please gave those name of historians to prove that your article is baseless. Stupid pig...

    1. Obe bajet pandai je lebih. Suka gelarkan orang tapi takut diri dia dilabelkan. Obe gemuk nie poyo je. Si gemuk nie jilat punggung Zionis.

    2. Aku suka post2 obe, but no offence obe is trying hard to be liberal. Just chill la obe, nnt aku soh Mark Zakarberger sponsor blog ko ni.

  14. Sorry, what i meant is your post is baseless without naming all the historian you mention on your post. Who? Where? and What year?

  15. Hello Mr Obefiend,
    I'm very sorry if my comment will make you upset but please take it in a positive way.
    This is my first time posting here.I have been a follower of your blog for a long time.There are some that you write are true but there are also some that are wrong.I know that you have done a lot of reading about this issue.But please remember,if (WE) can altered the content of the bible,whats so hard about changing the history.Just remind yourself that you were not there when it happened so you do not know the full truth that lies.I dare not to object what you wrote on this post because even what I say maybe wrong.

    p/s:remember that you have a lot of readers,some people may take it blindly as the truth even when its wrong.

  16. Sejarah ditulis oleh mereka yang menang....

  17. kahkah..obe2..kadg2 aku pun xphm ngan ko ni..maybe ur fact about hitler is apa beza si hitler yg bunuh juta2 org ngan si yahudi benjamin netanyahu, shimon peres dan sibangsat ariel sharon yang bunuh puluh2 ribu palestinian kat kem shabra n shatilla dulu n keep on going killing the palestinian until now??

    ko kempen suh put ur feet on the jews shoe..kenapa ko xnak try put ur feet on hitlers shoes..damn u obe..tlg jawab sket

  18. Mahathir and his goons use Quran verse to condemn Anwar? seriously? are you stupid or have a sudden case of amnesia. Al-juburi easily used and abuse Quran verse at least 10 times more than Mahathir. i'm just surprised than you could something so commonly traits of Anwar and blame it on Mahathir. you need to wake up yo!

  19. like you said,obe.human stupidity is infinite..

  20. what does she mean gentlefaggots? xsuke lelaki kee?



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