Thursday 26 January 2012

Serius LOL - Peringatan Buat History Channel

So True!


  1. History is not progressing enough?

  2. bukan history channel dimiliki oleh liverpool fc ke?

  3. liverpool=history channel?? hahhahaha... fook you the writer... Im liverpool fan.. but still hahahahahaa...

  4. oh aku still rasa pawn stars ada jugak la history nya, all those americana stuff kan and a lot more. i learn lots of history stuff from pawn stars man. tapi alien jadah tu mmg nyemak. same goes with that bayou and trucker thing.

    korang perasan tak discovery macam nk tiru history, diorg buat brits version of american pickers. funny.

  5. ice road truckers lagi sampah, pawn star je y style

  6. history channel~ keje dia mix yg mana betul n yg mana salah, budak2 & org2 yg tak belajar sejarah akan secara tidak langsung percaya semua pon adalah sejarah~

    by putting "pawn shops", they think they have excuse that they intentionally mix them~ but the truth lies in the shows that seems to be in the "grey area" to the people who dont know~



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