Monday 5 September 2011

Serius Cool - Google Doodle Freddy Mercury Yang Super AWESOME!11!!1!


Minggu lepas ada Google Doodle untuk RayaDeka. It was kinda crappy. Skang gua paham kenapa Google Doodle Rayadeka macam cheapo........ Google habiskan budget buat Google Doodle untuk hari jadi Freddie Mercury yang ke 65 dibawah. So damn cool! Sila ke untuk layan sendiri keawesoman Doodle ini di pelayar web kamu. Happy Birthday Farrokh Bulsara


  1. dont stop me now!!!


  2. This is even better than Les Paul's doodle!

  3. ada jugak i want to break free.. hehe x bleh blah jadi pompuan

  4. awesome beb!!
    we miss u freedie

  5. that's why they call you mr Fahrenheit freddy!

  6. lagu fav aku dowh!
    hari ni dlm playlist aku:

    1.dont stop me now
    2.we are the champions
    3.bohemian rhapsody
    4.we will rock you
    5.under pressure

    layan smpi telinga ak ejakulasi!

  7. He died with AIDS n admitted he was GAY!but every guy still wish to be like him...RIP Freddie.

  8. RIP Freddie, we love you. your legacy will never end. The show must go on.

    oh wait, kalau2 Bieber tiba2 mati, agak2 Google buat video cam atas tak?

  9. oddly enough,the same exact song keeps on ringing on my mind ever since i woke up this morning. and anon at 0944, freddy was a prove that gays were indeed born that way. he tried to make things work out with mary austin,even after their breakup freddy still maintain that she's his bestfriend and left his fortune to her. but one can never run from the true form of themselves forever. and freddy definitely took the toll from it (come on, bisexual for a guy? just come out already)

  10. bro エル・ローライト, actually lagu2 queen yang bukan single ada banyak gila yang best2. try dengar bicyle, living on my own, barcelona, a kind of magic, delilah, father to son, ah banyak lagi ah. oh satu lagi tajuk the prophet's song. memang dark dan senggama minda bahagian echo tengah2 lagu. try ah dengar.

  11. die lompat kluar rainbow nyancat

  12. aku rasa mcm tgk klip lucy in the sky with diamond plak ...

    somehow aku suka lagu dia tajuk mustafa ibrahim



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